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Foglight Agent Manager 6.0.0 - Foglight Agent Manager Development Kit Release Notes

Resolved issues and enhancements

Resolved issues and enhancements

This release of the Foglight Agent Manager Development Kit does not include any resolved issues. It is made to accompany version 6.0 of Foglight Management Server.


Known issues

Known issues

The following is a list of issues known to exist at the time of this release.

Development Kit core

Defect ID

Resolved Issue


The init-agent-manifest-props macro in fglam-ant-macros fails if the manifest file uses a namespace prefix, because the <xmlproperty> tag creates variables with the namespace prefix in the name.

Agent harness

Defect ID

Resolved Issue


The Agent harness shows topology property updates multiple times in message trees.


A verified submission status is never updated.


First verified submission is always lost.


The Agent harness reports the following error on debug level 1: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 10, Size: 10


A NullPointerException is thrown while an agent instance created by the AgentControlService is displayed under the Agent Type node in the tree.


Adding additional agent instances of the same type can cause a null pointer exception as a result of a call to the JTree.updateUI().


The ASP string editor in the Agent harness interprets "\n" as a new line.


Setting a label on an enum type property in the agent-definition.xml can cause a fatal error.


The Agent harness cannot write some configuration files to the state directory.


A core dump occurs while generating a heap dump from the Agent Harness menu on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x OS virtual machine.


Defect ID

Resolved Issue


An old agent running with a newer cartridge on the Management Server with an updated and incompatible ASP schema causes a NullPointerException in the agent's generated property wrappers.


Up-to-date check for topology wrappers is invalid.


TopologyValidator should ignore user-defined topology types that are only referenced from dynamic properties.


Core properties of a topology type that is a subtype of the TopologyObject type are being overridden.


Third party known issues

Third party known issues

This release of the Foglight Agent Manager Development Kit does not include any third party known issues.


Upgrade and compatibility

Upgrade and compatibility

The 6.0.0 Foglight Agent Manager cartridge requires Foglight Management Server 5.9.2 or later. The cartridge is compatible with all previously released versions of the Agent Manager client application.

Agent Manager upgrades from a 5.5.4.x legacy release require an intermediary upgrade to 5.6.7 prior to upgrading to 5.8.5 or later. To complete this intermediary upgrade, install one or more of the Agent Manager 5.6.7 platform-specific cartridges (as required), and upgrade the legacy hosts to this release before deploying the 6.0.0 Agent Manager cartridge or upgrading the Foglight Management Server to version 6.0. After all of the legacy hosts are running version 5.6.7, and the Foglight Management Server is upgraded to version 5.9.2 or later, you can start upgrading your hosts to version 6.0.0.


For more information about upgrading the Management Server and the Agent Manager, see the Foglight Upgrade Guide.


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