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Enterprise Reporter 3.2.2 - What's New

What's New in Enterprise Reporter 3.2.2

Enterprise Reporter provides a unified solution for data discovery and report generation. Using the Enterprise Reporter Configuration Manager, administrators can easily configure and deploy discoveries to collect and store data. Once the data has been collected, the Report Manager allows users to produce reports that help organizations to ensure that they comply with industry regulations and standards, adhere to internal security policies, monitor hardware and software requirements, and fulfill many other reporting requirements.

As a result of ongoing research and development efforts, and in response to customer feedback, the following changes and improvements have been made in this release of Quest Enterprise Reporter.

Performance Enhancements

In previous versions of Enterprise Reporter, the Exchange Online information was collected using Microsoft Exchange Online APIs. Microsoft has announced that the end of support for basic authentication is coming in 2021 so the Enterprise Reporter Exchange Online collection has been updated accordingly. The Exchange Online information is now collected using REST-based versions and uses PowerShell v2 that now supports modern authentication and will replace basic authentication methods in the future.

Changes were also made optimize the PowerShell calls made to collect Exchange information and there are great improvements in collection times. Note that Exchange Online is still performance heavy when collecting all items such as delegates and child folders which can lead to throttling issues on the target tenant. Please see the Quest® Enterprise Reporter Configuration Manager User Guide section on Best Practices for Creating Discoveries.

When multiple domain controllers are specified for an Active Directory discovery, the workload is now spread among those domain controllers to improve stability, even when the connection to one of the domain controllers is unavailable.

Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) helps safeguard access to data and applications. Many customers are enforcing this usage in their environment. As part of the Enterprise Reporter for Office 365 solution, Enterprise Reporter 3.2.2 now provides support for credentials used for Cloud collections to be Multi-Factor Authentication enabled. This support is available for all cloud discoveries, including Azure Active Directory, Azure Resource, Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, and One Drive. For a list of limitations of this feature, see “Multi-Factor Authentication discovery credential limitations” in the Quest Enterprise Reporter 3.2.2 Configuration Manager User Guide at Technical Documentation.

The support of Multi-Factor Authentication enabled discovery credentials requires the use of authentication tokens. Enterprise Reporter keeps these tokens up to date. When credentials need manual intervention, a message will be reported during the cloud collection. This support has been integrated in the Enterprise Reporter Credential Manager. For more information, see “Using the Credential Manager” in the Quest Enterprise Reporter 3.2.2 Configuration Manager User Guide at Technical Documentation.


Other General Enhancements

When a node is selected, disabled, and stopped in the Configuration Manager, the new Change Cluster option can be used to move the node to a different cluster.

When logging in to the Enterprise Reporter Configuration Manager or the Enterprise Reporter Report Manager, there is now an option to suppress the login page so that the same server and port is always used. This option can also be managed on the System Configuration page of each console.

New Reports

The following new Azure reports have been added to the Report Library.

Azure | Active Directory

Azure Active Directory Orphaned Groups

Shows groups without owners for the selected tenants. Contains parameters to select tenants and groups to be included in the report.

The following new Office 365 reports have been added to the Report Library.

Office 365 | Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Tabs

Shows the Microsoft Teams tabs for the selected channels, teams, and tenants. Contains parameters to select tenants, teams, channels, and tabs to be included in the report.

Microsoft Teams Privacy Information

Shows the privacy information of the selected Microsoft Teams for the selected tenants, teams, channels, private teams options, and private channels options.

The following new report types have been added to the Report Library.

Microsoft Teams

Teams Tab

Provides information on Microsoft Teams Tab. Contains fields for Teams Tenant, Teams Identity, Teams Channel, and Teams Tab.

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