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DR Series Software - Administrator Guide

Introduction to the DR Series System Documentation Understanding the DR Series System Setting Up the DR Series System Hardware Configuring the DR Series System Settings Managing DR Series Storage Operations Monitoring the DR Series System Using Global View Using the DR Series System Support Options Configuring and Using Rapid NFS and Rapid CIFS Configuring and Using Rapid Data Access with Dell NetVault Backup and with Dell vRanger Configuring and Using RDA with OST
Understanding RDA with OST Guidelines Terminology Supported RDA with OST Software and Components Best Practices: RDA with OST and the DR Series System Setting Client-Side Optimization Configuring an LSU Installing the RDA with OST Plug-In Configuring DR Series System Information Using NetBackup Backing Up Data From a DR Series System (NetBackup) Using Backup Exec With a DR Series System (Windows) Understanding the OST CLI Commands Understanding RDA with OST Plug-In Diagnostic Logs Collecting Diagnostics Using a Linux Utility Guidelines for Gathering Media Server Information
Configuring and Using VTL Configuring and Using Encryption at Rest Troubleshooting and Maintenance Supported Ports in a DR Series System Getting Help

The Dell DR Series system is a high-performance, disk-based backup and recovery appliance that is simple to deploy and manage and offers unsurpassed Total Cost of Ownership benefits. Features such as innovative firmware and an all-inclusive licensing model ensure optimal functionality and provide the assurance of no hidden costs for valuable future features.

A purpose-built disk platform, the DR Series system provides advanced deduplication and compression technology to store data most efficiently. The DR Series hardware appliances are 2U, rack-based, system backup storage repositories, that include deduplication and compression technology in their operating systems. A virtual machine (VM) version is also available (that is combined with a DR Series hardware appliance) to provide robust, disk-based data backup capability on VMs, while taking advantage of a deduplication-enabled appliance.

Using Dell deduplication and compression algorithm technology, a DR Series system can achieve data reduction levels ranging from 10:1 to 15:1. This reduction in data results in less incremental storage needs and a smaller backup footprint. By taking advantage of deduplication and compression features and removing redundant data, the system:

The benefits of data deduplication can be extended across the enterprise—through the deduplicated replication functionality—to provide a complete backup solution for multi-site environments. The shorter Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and attainable Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) are also assured as critical backup data remains on disk and online longer. Capital and administrative costs are diminished at the same time as internal service level agreements (SLAs) are more easily met.

The DR Series system includes the following features:

The DR Series system is available in a variety of drive capacities and is ideal for SMB, enterprise, and remote office environments. For details about specific drive capacities and types available in the DR Series system, see the DR Series System Interoperability Guide or the latest DR Series System Release Notes.

About the DR Series System

About the DR Series System

The Dell DR Series system is a backup and recovery solution designed to reduce your backup data footprint by using a number of comprehensive backup and deduplication operations that optimize storage savings. The DR Series system is available in the following models:

The DR Series system consists of the following components:

Drive and Available Physical Capacities

The internal system drive capacity and available physical capacities of the DR Series system vary, depending on the system type and the drives installed. For details, see the Dell DR Series System Interoperability Guide, which describes the internal system drive capacity and available physical capacity (in decimal and binary values) in the hardware DR Series systems. It also includes the available capacities per virtual machine operating system (OS) for the DR2000v.

DR Series Data Storage Concepts

DR Series Data Storage Concepts

Encryption at Rest
Streams vs. Connections
Replication Seeding
Reverse Replication
Reverse Replication: Alternate Method

The topics in this section present several key data storage terms and concepts that help you to better understand the role that the DR Series system plays in meeting your data storage needs.

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