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Content Matrix 9.9 - Quick Start Guide


Quest® Content Matrix Console and its additional component, Metalogix SharePoint Extensions Web Service, allow users to migrate their data into SharePoint.

This document is designed to allow you to set up to run the Content Matrix Console so you can use the Evaluation Guide to review and evaluate Content Matrix.  Prospective client are encouraged to use this guide for basic testing.  Please see the Advanced Installation Guide for more specific details on installation information, including other installation scenarios, connection adapters, configuration, and installation.  

Content Matrix Installable Components

Content Matrix consists of a combination of Consoles and a SharePoint WSP. Content Matrix Consoles are the primary UI applications for migrating content to SharePoint. The consoles include:

Content Matrix Console

Content Matrix Consoles are the primary UI applications for migrating content to SharePoint. The consoles include:

CM Logo

·Content Matrix Console – SharePoint Edition

·Content Matrix Console - FileShare Edition

·Content Matrix Console – Public Folder Edition

Metalogix Extensions Web Service WSP


The Metalogix Extensions Web Services (MEWS) is a web service wrapper around the SharePoint Server Object Model that provides full fidelity and increased speed for migrations. We recommend installing MEWS on either the source or target server in a SharePoint to SharePoint migration depending on your scenario.

System Requirements

The following tables describe the hardware, software, and access requirements for Content Matrix Console. If our requirements are equivalent to, or less restrictive than a SharePoint requirement, it will not be described here.

Hardware Requirements


Minimum Requirement



Intel Core i7

Intel Core i9, X-Series or higher


16 GB

32 GB

Disk Drives

Dual hybrid disk drives

C:  OS and Program Files

D:  Data Files

Dual SSD drives

C:  OS and Program Files

D:  Data Files

Network Card

100 Mbps


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