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Content Matrix 9.8 - Quick Start Guide

Confirming the Metalogix Extensions Web Service Installation

While there are no settings that need to be configured for the Metalogix Extensions Web Service, there is a way to confirm that it is installed correctly and is working.  Details can be found in the Metalogix Content Matrix Advanced Installation Guide.

Selecting the SQL Database You Want to Connect to

The first time you launch the Content Matrix Console you will be prompted to select the SQL database that you want to connect to. For evaluation purposes only, you can select Connect to New Job List (SQL Server Compact 4.0* Required), but SQL CE 4.0 must be installed on the machine. You can download it from Microsoft, install it, then restart the Console.  For a production environment, it is recommended that you always use a full SQL database.  Refer to the edition-specific documentation for details on connecting to a full SQL database.

Additional Documentation

Metalogix Content Matrix documentation ships with the application, but is also available online at

Additional documentation is described in the Metalogix Content Matrix Advanced Installation Guide.

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