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Coexistence Manager for Notes 3.8.4 - Release Notes

Known issues

Localization of CMN for other locales and languages is not yet available. The screens and documentation in the current release are English only.


A connector configured within the Directory Connector to sync room resources from Notes to Exchange will automatically include mail-in databases as well. Some organizations may prefer to exclude mail-in databases or handle them through a separate connector, so a future CMN release will offer a separate configuration checkbox for mail-in databases. In the meantime, an object filter (defined in a Connector's Advanced Settings) can accomplish the same outcome.


After enabling the Add and Delete Verification features at particularly low limits (e.g., Add limit at 50 and Delete limit at 5), in some environments and scenarios a DC connector may run inordinately long without displaying either an error message or any "in-process" indication, while CMN reports the connector status as Running.


SMTP addresses that contain a space within a quoted string, such as "Wilbur Jones", are not supported in this release of the Directory Connector. The addresses must be corrected (remove the space).


The Directory Connector creates a folder for each defined Connector (under ...\Directory Connector\Tools\Connections) to store Connector-specific information. The Remove feature does not remove this corresponding Connector folder.


When the country is defined in Notes as United States, it will not synchronize to Exchange due to a constraint violation.


Azure AD Connect functionality and infrastructure required for the Exchange to Notes resource mapping feature does not work. The current version doesn't support Azure AD Connect.


When an Outlook user invites a Notes user to a series of recurring meetings, and the Notes invitee accepts and then counterproposes a new time for the entire series or for "this instance and all previous/future instances," the counterproposal may appear in some versions of Outlook with an empty message body and a superfluous .gif attachment.



Recurring meetings scheduled in Outlook for day 31 of each month and sent to a Notes 8.0.x or earlier invitee do not update correctly in the Notes calendar if the meeting is rescheduled in Outlook and the Notes invitee attempts to accept the update. An error is generated and the Notes calendar is not updated.


The CMN Mail Connector service may be unable to process Notes active mail if the MC is running on a computer where any other process is using the Notes API.


A recurring meeting sent from Domino to Exchange that contains more than 1000 dates or exceptions will be returned to the sender as a non-deliverable message.


In some environments CMN cannot correctly process some changes to a recurring meeting after a user has been added to the invitee list.


CMN cannot properly process a change in location for an entire series of a recurring meeting, scheduled in Outlook 2013 and accepted in Notes, if a single instance was previously rescheduled.


CMN does not detect and intercept encrypted calendar invitations originating in Notes and sent to Outlook recipients, but Outlook cannot process an encrypted invitation.


When an Exchange user sends a meeting with CSS style html content to Notes user, all the formats in comments are lost. The Notes client calendar viewer could not render the CSS style.


Notes does not accept a room to be booked for more than 24 hours but Exchange does. In this case, the Exchange user gets the successful accepted notice in the Outlook calendar when booking a Notes room more than 24 hours, but the Notes room is actually not booked for more than 24 hours.


When a PowerShell command requests free/busy information, the time is returned in UTC instead of local time. This will be fixed in a later build.


When a high volume of free/busy information is queried from the Domino server, the event log on the computer hosting the CMN web services may report this error:

Request failed. Unable to connect to the remote server.

The issue is related to exceeding the available TCP ports. As a workaround:

Apply registry changes and set StrictTimeWaitSeqCheck to 0x1 as documented in this Microsoft article.
You must set StrictTimeWaitSeqCheck to 0x1 or the TcpTimedWaitDelay value will have no effect.


Running the cmdlet Get-CmnExchangeWebServicesUrl with an email address for an Exchange Online user may return inaccurate results. If you are connecting to Exchange Online, do not use the Get-CmnExchangeWebServicesUrl cmdlet. Use one of the following URLs:

For Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), use


When editing the Exchange F/B Connector Service to run as a user (rather than Local System), the admin must manually grant "logon as a service" to the account running the Connector after installation.


OWA can render meeting start and end times only on the half-hour—e.g., 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, 2:30, etc. A meeting with a start time other than on a half-hour appears in OWA as starting at the preceding half-hour, and an end time other than on a half hour appears in OWA the next (following) half-hour. So, for example:

This is an OWA rendering issue rather than a CMN issue, and occurs only in OWA, not in Outlook. The actual meeting times are correctly tracked in Exchange, so the same meeting appears in Outlook at its correct time, and free/busy queries are unaffected.


System requirements

Domino server requirements

All CMN components

Domino 6.5.1–6.5.6
Domino 7.0.0–7.0.4
Domino 8.0.0–8.0.2
Domino 8.5.0–8.5.3
Domino 9.0.0–9.0.1
Domino 10.0.0–10.0.1
Domino 11.0.0–11.0.1

Directory Connector

LDAP read and write access to the Domino server, to enable its connectors’ queries and data transmissions. The account used to access Domino must have Add and Delete access to the names.nsf database on the Domino server. To configure this, see CMN User Guide chapter 2, step 2 of the DC's configuration instructions.
For Domino 6.5.x (only): Must disable constraint checking on LDAP writes.

Mail Connector

For Domino 6.5.1–6.5.6 systems (only): Communications between Domino and the CMN Mail Connector are improved by configuring a Domino 7 or 8 server to act as a bridgehead between CMN and the existing Domino 6 environment.

Free/Busy Connector

On Domino server hosting QCalCon task:

Microsoft PowerShell 2.0 or later, 32- or 64-bit (a component of Windows Management Framework, which comes with any supported operating system, or can be downloaded at this Microsoft link).
Also: In some environments this command may be necessary to enable the PowerShell layer using remote PowerShell:

Notes client on end-user workstations requirements

CMN Mail Connector and/or Free/Busy Connector

Notes 6.5.1–6.5.6
Notes 7.0.0–7.0.4
Notes 8.0.0–8.0.2
Notes 8.5.0–8.5.3
Notes 9.0.0–9.0.1
Domino 10.0.0–10.0.1
Domino 11.0.0–11.0.1

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