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Client Profile Updating Utility 5.9 - Release Notes

Known Issues

The following is a list of issues, including those attributed to third-party products, known to exist at the time of release.

Table 1: General known issues

Known Issue Issue ID

Client Profile Updating Utility failed to process profile. The following events are logged:


  • Outlook could not logon error after failed attempt to open the store

Scope: Microsoft Outlook 2016 / Microsoft Outlook for Office 365/ Microsoft Outlook 2019 installed on the local computer and target mailbox located in Microsoft Office 365 tenant with Modern Authentication enabled

Root-cause: Client Profile Updating Utility cannot log on to the target mailbox using Outlook MAPI due to changes made by Microsoft in recent updates for Microsoft Outlook for Office 365 / Outlook 2016 and in Outlook 2019.

The following workarounds can be used to fix the issue:

Workaround 1: Use new command line parameter -LogonThroughOutlook to start Client Profile Updating Utility in the case. This parameter initiates start of Outlook to prompt for target user credentials during first access to target mailbox and to perform authentication process..

NOTE: Consider the following behavior changes in case the -LogonThroughOutlook command parameter usage:

  • If Manually provide credentials option is selected, standard behavior is now changed and profile processing cannot be performed without requesting user credentials. Microsoft Outlook will be automatically started by CPUU to request user credentials for target mailbox and perform authentication process.
  • If Prompt for credentials option is selected, Microsoft Outlook will be automatically started to request user credentials for target mailbox. In case the source and target passwords do not match, or UPN of target user does not match with primary SMTP address, the target user credentials may be requested twice during profile processing.

Workaround 2: Turn off Modern Authentication in the target Microsoft Office 365 tenant.

The value of the stored Autodiscover URL may not be updated if the CPUU is redirected to another Autodiscover URL using Autodiscover response. CPUU-1321

Configuration file cannot be changed and the following message is displayed when Use existing configuration file option is selected on the Welcome step of configuration wizard: Unknown key "AutodiscoverDomainsFQDNs' in section "Parameters" in configuration file.

Root-cause: Configuration files created in previous versions of CPUU are no longer supported and should be re-created.

Workaround: Select Create a new configuration file option on the Welcome step of configuration wizard to re-create configuration file.


Profiles cannot be updated in case RecreateSwitchMsg is set to 1 in SwitchResMB configuration file.

Scope:Microsoft Outlook 2016/2019

Workaround: Use management parameter -SkipAutodiscoverChecking to prevent CPUU from checking that an autodiscover URL is on a source domain and a target autodiscover URL is on a target domain. For details see Management Parameters section of Client Profile Updating Utility Administrator Guide.


In case of mailbox switch under Tenant to tenant migration scenario with domain name transfer, additional mailboxes connected to the main mailbox may not work at the first attempt to open them after Outlook profile switching.

Workaround: To restore the accessibility of additional mailboxes restart Outlook.

CPUU does not support Outlook profiles with any third-party Add-ins installed. TF351792
After the switch of a profile with multiple Exchange accounts, a list of address books of a non-default account may not contain the local contacts TF319769
If the primary SMTP address of an Office 365 user contains the suffix, Client Profile Updating Utility may not be able to log on to the target if the target is the hybrid Exchange organization with Single Sign-On. In this case, this profile cannot be switched. TF318923
After the switch of a profile that contains multiple Exchange accounts, the Move option from the shortcut menu of the profile messages may not be displayed on the target. TF318234
During processing of a profile that contains multiple Exchange accounts, Client Profile Updating Utility disables all rules that belong to the switched account. This may happen if links to the folders in these rules point to the folders in another account. TF318648
CPUU cannot be installed via Migration Manager suite if the Exchange MAPI Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1 or later is not installed on the workstation. TF218851
Client Profile Updating Utility does not support Citrix terminal connections. TF212381
Client Profile Updating Utility cannot roll back changes to Microsoft Outlook profiles that were made by the earlier versions of CPUU. TF213587
After the switch, the Auto-reply to people outside my organization option in the Automatic Replies dialog becomes selected on the target even if this option is deselected on the source. This may happen if the schedule is not set and the text message fileld is empty in the Automatic Replies dialog on the source. ST81330
Client Profile Updating Utility stops all processes that lock Microsoft Outlook profiles. If the process was not stopped immediately, you may receive the following warning: "Microsoft Outlook (or another MAPI client) is using a dialog box for selecting a profile to log on. Please close this dialog box before Migration Manager for Exchange Client Profile Updating Utility starts processing the profile(s)." ST80424, ST80301
Outlook Address Book (OAB) contacts lose their Distribution List membership after the migration, if they were added to OAB from the Global Address List. -
After the utility switches profile of a user migrated in a Remote User Collection, a message containing switch log with error may appear in the Sync Issues folder after first synchronization. -
If the account used by the utility to log on to the target is configured to change password after the first logon, such profile will not be switched. -
If you run the utility locally or by a logon script, Windows Firewall displays a warning. However, the warning does not interfere with profile updating. -
After the switch, Out of Office Assistant works only if you log on to the mailbox using the same credentials, as you use to log on to your computer. -
After migrating to Microsoft Exchange 2007, users may experience errors during the Offline Address Book download. To resolve the issue, open the Offline Address Book Properties dialog in the Exchange Management Console and select the Outlook 98 SP1 or earlier (Version 2) option on the Distribution tab. Note that the issue is applicable to all Microsoft Outlook versions. -
During the rollback, changed public folder favorites are not restored to the initial state. -
CPUU does not support localized versions of Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Server, or the Microsoft Windows operating system. CPUU may fail to update a profile if the corresponding code page is not supported by the target Exchange server. For details, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article at;en-us;251719. -
CPUU may fail to update a profile if Microsoft Outlook is not the default mail client on the computer. -
The DlgHookHandler.dll library must be located in the same folder as ClientProfileUpdatingUtility.exe. -
If any message boxes are displayed when the user starts Microsoft Outlook, the same message boxes may appear when CPUU processes the user's profile. -
CPUU performs automatic Undo only if Migration Manager Console supports this operation. To rollback a profile manually, use the Rollback mode of the CPUU Configuration Wizard. -
If you enable updating of offline profiles even if the target mailbox was not recreated by the Migration Manager or Exchange Migration Wizard agents, in cases when the mailbox could not be recreated, CPUU will remove the OST files for the updated profiles. The OST files will be automatically re-created by Microsoft Outlook when the user logs on to the Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003 mailbox for the first time. -
Profiles with authentication set to Distributed Password are not updated. -
Microsoft Outlook Search Folders are created as disabled folders. Click on the folder to enable it. -
Rolling back a profile update may not work correctly if the same PST file is assigned to several profiles. -
If the Exception List rules are set in a Microsoft Outlook XP/2003 profile, no rules will be updated. -
The filters created for the offline folder copy synchronization are not preserved while updating the profile. -
If a user uses offline profile with the cached mode turned on but the mailbox is not migrated in a Remote Users Collection, it is recommended to synchronize the offline folder (OST) file before CPUU updates the profile. Otherwise CPUU may rewrite the unsynchronized changes in the OST file with the newer information contained in the online profile. -
If the Synchronize forms option in the Send/Receive Settings is selected for a source offline profile, a Microsoft Outlook error may appear after the profile has been updated by CPUU and the user has performed OST file synchronization with the target profile. To resolve the issue, clear the Synchronize forms option in the target profile’s Send/Receive Settings. -
If after a mailbox was migrated in a Remote Users Collection and the OST file was successfully preserved after profile update you delete the x500 address that is equal to the distinguished name of the source mailbox from the proxy addresses of target mailbox, the OST file is no longer accessible. You will need to re-create and re-synchronize the whole OST file from the target server. -
Even if a mailbox was migrated in a Remote Users Collection and the OST file was successfully preserved, the offline address book (OAB) file is not preserved and is automatically downloaded from the target server when a user logs on to the target mailbox for the first time after profile update. Note that download of the address book may take considerable time. -
Currently, the following Outlook 2013 features are not processed by CPUU: linked contacts, favorite contacts. -


System Requirements

Before installing Client Profile Updating Utility 5.9.0, ensure that your system meets the following minimum hardware and software requirements.

Table 2: System requirements

Requirement Details
Platform x86, x86-64
Operating system

Any of the following:

  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows 11
Additional Software

Any of the following:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2013
  • Microsoft Outlook 2016
  • Microsoft Outlook 2019
  • Outlook for Office 365

Product Licensing

Use of this software is governed by the Software Transaction Agreement found at This software does not require an activation or license key to operate..

Upgrade and Installation Instructions

Client Profile Updating Utility 5.9.0 supports upgrade from version 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and 5.7.

To upgrade Client Profile Updating Utility, run the CPUU 5.9.0 setup and follow the Configuration wizard. If you are not use the CPUU configuration file with Use the following user account option selected, no action is required, otherwise you might need to perform the additional steps:

  • For CPUU user profile processing

It is recommended to switch to Prompt for credentialsoption for migration from / to Microsoft Office 365. For all other migration processes it is recommended to switch to Use the currently logged in user or Prompt for credentials options. Those options ensure much safer credential handling.

In case you still need to use Manually provide credentials option (previously named Use the following user account), it is necessary to reenter the previously saved passwords on Credential step of Configuration wizard.

  • For mailbox processing using SwitchResMB

Please, pay attention, now you have Manually provide credentials option (previously named Use the following user account option selected on Credential step of Configuration wizard. It is necessary to reenter the previously saved passwords here. We recommend to select one of the restricted encryption modes (Restricted to current user and host or Restricted to current host). While we have implemented the reliable encryption algorithm, it is theoretically possible to reverse-engineer CPUU code and use the knowledge to decrypt credentials data stored in CPUU configuration file when Unrestricted (not recommended, security risks should be reviewed) encryption mode is used. Thus, using Unrestricted (not recommended, security risks should be reviewed) encryption mode has a chance that your credentials might be compromised. We strictly not recommend to use this mode in the production environment and for administrative credentials. It is only acceptable for evaluation purposes in the test environment.

For more details about encryption modes see Encryption modes section of CPUU Administrator Guide.

Contents of the Release Package

The Client Profile Updating Utility release package contains the following products:

  1. Client Profile Updating Utility 5.9.0
  2. Product Documentation: Administrator Guide
  3. ClientProfileUpdatingUtility_5.9.0_ReleaseNotes.pdf—this file.

Installation Instructions

To install Client Profile Updating Utility, run the CPUU.5.9.0.*.msi installation package provided in your distribution of the product.

The latest version of the product is available for download at

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