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Change Auditor 7.4 - Installation Guide

Installation Overview Install Change Auditor Add Users to Change Auditor Security Groups Connecting to the Clients Deploy Change Auditor Agents Upgrade Change Auditor Installation Notes and Best Practices Deployment Options Workstation Agent Deployment Agent Comparison Install an agent to audit ADAM (AD LDS) on workgroup servers Windows Installer Command Line Options

Step 3: Upgrade the agents

The Change Auditor agent requires .NET 4.7.1. See the System statistics and facilities system requirements for the list of supported platforms.

Open the client and select View | Deployment.
NOTE: If you get an Access Denied status in the Deployment Results column, use the Credentials | Set command to enter the proper credentials for installing agents.
If you select the When option, enter the date and time when you want the deployment task to initiate. Click OK to initiate or schedule the deployment task.

Post upgrade considerations

Querying the database directly is not supported. Any 5.x scripts previously created to manipulate the 5.x (or earlier) events do not work with Change Auditor 7.0 and later.

The Data Gateway Service is no longer used in Change Auditor for capturing user logon activity events. If you had an earlier version of this service running, you can remove it.

If the Active Roles scripting module has been deployed in a previous Change Auditor version, refer to the following knowledge base article which details the process to move to the updated version of these scripting modules that are available in Change Auditor 6.x:

When you upgrade the client and coordinator from Change Auditor version 6.8 or earlier:

As of Change Auditor version 7.0.4, additional Microsoft Graph API permissions are required to audit Azure Active Directory and Office 365. If you are updating from version 7.0.3 or older see Updating Azure Active Directory templates in the Office 365 and Azure Active Directory User Guide.

Installation Notes and Best Practices

This section contains notes and best practices that should be considered when installing Change Auditor. These notes and best practices are listed under the following topics:

Licensing Change Auditor products

You can upgrade from the following versions of Change Auditor: 6.x and 7.x.

The following Change Auditor products all require separate licenses which can be applied during the coordinator installation process:

If you are licensing multiple Change Auditor products, you can apply the licenses in any order but must apply all the licenses provided.

If you purchased more Change Auditor products after the initial installation, you can apply new licenses from the coordinator icon in the system tray.

From the Licenses tab, click Select License.
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