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Change Auditor 7.4 - Installation Guide

Installation Overview Install Change Auditor Add Users to Change Auditor Security Groups Connecting to the Clients Deploy Change Auditor Agents Upgrade Change Auditor Installation Notes and Best Practices Deployment Options Workstation Agent Deployment Agent Comparison Install an agent to audit ADAM (AD LDS) on workgroup servers Windows Installer Command Line Options

Example deployment scenario

The following diagram shows two separate forests where Change Auditor will be deployed. Forest A is deployed first and then Forest B is added.

Option 1: Deploying agents to a foreign forest through the Change Auditor client

Option 2: Installing agents manually in a foreign forest

When prompted, select the This agent connects to a coordinator in a foreign forest option.
Enter a domain administrator account for the coordinator domain and click Next. Ensure that you use the following format: fully-qualified-domain-name\user.
Click Install.


Workstation Agent Deployment

Workstation agents are required to capture login activity events when a Change Auditor for Logon Activity Workstation license is applied. This section provides recommendations for deploying agents necessary for auditing both domain workstations and non-domain workstations. It also includes instructions on manually deploying workstation agents.


Recommendations and deployment requirements

Manual workstation agent deployment

When installed manually, the workstation agent installer must be run as an account with the local administrator account privileges and with elevated User Account Control (UAC) permissions.

NOTE: Depending on the UAC policies (see User Account Control (UAC) Settings), elevated UAC permissions may require starting the installer using one of the following methods:
If the computer is member of the local forest where coordinator resides, select This agent connects to a coordinator in the local forest. If the computer is a workgroup member or member of a foreign forest where no coordinator resides, select This agent connects to a coordinator in a foreign forest. For more information see Installing agents in a foreign forest.
Click Next to begin the installation.

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