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Change Auditor 7.2 - Installation Guide

Installation Overview Install Change Auditor Add Users to Change Auditor Security Groups Connecting to the Clients Deploy Change Auditor Agents Upgrade Change Auditor Installation Notes and Best Practices Deployment Options Workstation Agent Deployment Agent Comparison Install an agent to audit ADAM (AD LDS) on workgroup servers Windows Installer Command Line Options

Installation Overview

Change Auditor provides auditing and security coverage for your enterprise network. You can audit the activities taking place in your infrastructure and receive real-time alerts on vital changes and activities as they occur. Instantly know who made changes including the IP address of the originating workstation, where and when it occurred along with before and after values. Then automatically turn that information into intelligent, in-depth forensics for auditors and management — and reduce the risks associated with day-to-day modifications.

This guide contains the information required to install and configure Change Auditor and upgrade from a previous release. It is intended for network administrators, consultants, analysts, and any other IT professionals installing the product.

See the following information to get you started:

Before you begin

If you do not already have Change Auditor, download it from

Before you install Change Auditor:

System requirements

Change Auditor includes the following components, all which have specific system requirements:

See the Change Auditor Release Notes for details.

System statistics and facilities

Connection Interval

Every five minutes a Change Auditor agent tries to establish a connection or communication channel with a Change Auditor coordinator.

Forwarding Interval

Every five seconds an agent forwards all the audited events stored in the local queue (agent’s database) to a Change Auditor coordinator. These audited events have not been previously sent to the coordinator.

This interval is configurable using the Configuration Setup dialog.

Polling Interval

Every 900 seconds (15 minutes) the agent checks to determine if there have been any modifications to the agent’s configuration.

This interval is configurable using the Configuration Setup dialog.

Retry Interval

If the agent does not receive an immediate success acknowledgment from the coordinator for the audited events it transmitted, the agent resends all unacknowledged events after five minutes (300 seconds) from the previous attempt.

This interval is configurable using the Configuration Setup dialog.

Select View| Administration to open the Administration Tasks tab.
Select Configuration | Agent from the navigation pane.
On the Agent Configuration page click Configurations to display the Configuration Setup dialog, open the System Settings tab to view and modify the Forwarding Interval, Polling Interval or Retry Interval settings.
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