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Change Auditor Threat Detection 7.2 - Deployment Guide

Deploying Threat Detection

Introduction to Change Auditor Threat Detection

To protect your data and your business, Change Auditor Threat Detection uses advanced machine learning, user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA), and SMART correlation technology to spot anomalous activity and identify the highest risk users in your environment. The users with the highest risk scores are then highlighted in the Threat Detection dashboard, enabling you to prioritize your response and adjust policies to strengthen your organization’s security and regulatory enforcement.

For details about using the Threat Detection dashboard see the Change Auditor Threat Detection User Guide.

This guide gives information about how Change Auditor integrates with the Threat Detection server to process event data. It is intended for administrators who are responsible for the implementation, deployment, and monitoring of the Change Auditor Threat Detection deployment and configuration.

Who should have input on the deployment plan?

A complete deployment plan requires the combined effort of the resources within your organization who are responsible for information security, such as:

Components and workflow

Change Auditor sends events in real time to the Threat Detection server to be used for analysis based on calculated user behavior baselines.

See the Change Auditor Threat Detection User Guide for details on Threat Detection concepts and terms.

To enable Threat Detection:

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