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Change Auditor for Skype for Business 7.1.1 - User Guide

Upgrade considerations

In previous versions of Change Auditor, Lync administration events were generated under the Active Directory subsystem. Starting with Change Auditor 6.9, the Lync Administration facility has been renamed to Skype for Business Administration facility and the administration events are found under the Skype for Business subsystem. The Change Auditor for Lync license and built-in searches have been deprecated and replaced with the Change Auditor for Skype for Business license and Skype for Business built-in searches.

When you upgrade from Change Auditor version 6.8 or earlier:

Create and edit templates

Open the Administration Tasks tab, click Auditing, and select Skype for Business.
Click Add to open the Skype for Business auditing wizard which steps you through the process of creating a template.
(Optionally) Select Test Database Credentials to validate the credentials when the template is created to ensure that the database can be accessed.
Click Finish to create the template and return to the Skype for Business auditing page.
Click Finish to save the changes.

Disable a template

Disabling a template allows you to temporarily stop auditing the Skype for Business CMS without having to remove the template.

Place your cursor in the Status cell for the template to disable, click the arrow control, and select Disabled.
The entry in the Status column for the template changes to ‘Disabled’.
To re-enable the auditing template, use the Enable option in either the Status cell or right-click menu.

Delete a template

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