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Change Auditor for SharePoint 7.2 - User Guide

Step 3: Edit existing SharePoint Auditing templates

Change Auditor for SharePoint 5.9 and later includes the GUID of the SharePoint farm server in the template name. Therefore if you are upgrading from a pre-5.9 version, you must open and edit each of your existing SharePoint auditing templates to capture this additional information.

Click Auditing.
Select SharePoint (under the Applications heading in the Auditing task list) to open the SharePoint Auditing page.
The wizard automatically appends the GUID associated with the selected SharePoint Farm to the name displayed in the SharePoint Farm field. In addition, the drop-down option to ‘Find a new SharePoint Farm’ is not available.
On the last page of the wizard, click Refresh Change Auditor Solution Status and verify that the Change Auditor SharePoint Solution has been successfully added and deployed to the SharePoint farm.
Click Finish to save the updated template.

Once the existing SharePoint Auditing templates are updated, you can add new SharePoint Auditing templates to monitor other SharePoint farms.

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