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Change Auditor for Exchange 7.1.1 - User Guide

Exchange event logging

In addition to real-time event auditing, you can enable event logging to capture Exchange events locally in a Windows event log. This event log can then be collected using InTrust to satisfy long-term storage requirements.

When event logging for Exchange is enabled in Change Auditor, the following types of Exchange events are sent to the InTrust for Exchange event log:

See the Change Auditor for Exchange Event Reference Guide for a list of the events that can be sent to this event log.

Click Configuration.
Select Agent in the Configuration task list to display the Agent Configuration page.
Click Event Logging.
Click OK to save your selection and close the dialog.

Exchange Mailbox Protection

Exchange mailbox protection introduction

Using mailbox protection, you can prevent unwanted access on critical mailboxes through an Exchange Mailbox Protection template.

You can specify users and groups who can access protected mailboxes.
Before the system is returned to normal load, one user should log in to Outlook Web Access (OWA), Outlook, and Exchange Web Services (EWS, Outlook for Mac) clients. This triggers the agent to process the Exchange Mailbox auditing and protection configuration changes when the fewest login are occurring.


Exchange Mailbox Protection page

The Exchange Mailbox Protection page displays when you select Exchange Mailbox from the Protection task list in the navigation pane of the Administration Tasks tab. From this page you can start the Exchange Mailbox Protection wizard to define the mailboxes to protect from unauthorized access. You can also edit existing templates, disable a template, and remove templates that are no longer being used.The Exchange Mailbox Protection page contains an expandable view of all previously defined Exchange Mailbox Protection templates. To add a template to this list, click Add. Once added, the following information is provided for each template:

Indicates whether the template is enabled or disabled. To enable/disable the template, place your cursor in this Status cell, click the arrow control and select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu.
Excluded from Protection - indicates that you selected the Allow option to allow only the selected accounts to access the protected objects.
Included in Protection — indicates that you selected the Deny option to allow all accounts to access the protected objects EXCEPT for those selected.
Indicates whether the Mailbox owner can bypass protection check box was selected and mailbox owners are allowed to access their own mailboxes.

Click the expansion box to the left of the Template name to expand this view and display the following details for each template:

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