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Change Auditor for EMC 7.1.1 - User Guide

Install EMC Event Enabler Framework

$ server_cepp <DataMoverName> -service -start
$ server_cepp <DataMoverName> -service -status

Create EMC Auditing template

You need to define an EMC auditing template for each EMC file server (CIFS) to be audited. In addition to defining the EMC file server (CIFS) to audit and the agents to receive these events, completing this step also installs the Shared EMC Connector service (QCeeService). This service enables auditing of EMC devices by multiple Quest software products. This service is required because EMC supports only one auditing pool at a time.

Client components and features

The following table lists the client components and features that require a valid Change Auditor for EMC license. You are not prevented from using these features; however, associated events are not captured unless the proper license is applied.

NOTE: To hide unlicensed Change Auditor features from the Administration Tasks tab (including unavailable audit events throughout the client), select Action | Hide Unlicensed Components. This command is only available when the Administration Tasks tab is the active page.


Administration Tasks Tab

Agent Configuration Page:

NOTE: See EMC event logging for information about enabling EMC event logging.
NOTE: See File System events settings for details about these File System Events settings.

Audit Task List:

NOTE: See EMC auditing templates for information about creating templates to define EMC auditing.

Event Details Pane

What Details:



Search Properties

What Tab:

NOTE: See Create custom EMC searches for information about using the What tab to create custom EMC search queries.

Searches Page

Built-in Reports:


Getting Started

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