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Change Auditor - For Advanced Users 7.4 - Technical Insight Guide

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Change Auditor for EMC

Service Name


Display Name

Quest Shared EMC Connector


This shared component enables auditing of EMC devices by Quest products.

Default Path

%ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Quest\QCEE\QCeeService.exe

Startup Type


Exe Name


Change Auditor licensing processes

This section describes the licensing processes used within Change Auditor:

License check process

The Change Auditor coordinator service performs a valid license check once every 5 minutes, or during service startup. The coordinator determines if:

If a license has expired, the coordinator service notifies the Change Auditor agent service, and the agent stops collecting events for that component.

For example, If the Exchange license has expired, the Change Auditor agent service will no longer collect Exchange events. After all licenses have expired and the coordinator has no valid licenses installed, the coordinator service schedules itself to shut down 5 minutes from the time this is detected.

Component licensing

The first time an agent connects to any coordinator and retrieves the first configuration update, it sends a component license update request to the coordinator. After that, the agent requests a component license update every 24 hours from the connected coordinator. If the agent is not connected to a coordinator at the 24-hour mark, no component license update happens and the agent tries again 24 hours later.

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