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Change Auditor for Active Directory Queries 7.0.2 - User Guide

AD Query settings

From the Agent Configuration page on the Administration Tasks tab you can define how to optimize the Active Directory query auditing process, summarizing similar operations from the same client.

Use the AD Query tab at the top of the Configuration Setup dialog to define the settings for summarizing similar operations from the same client and only record the summary in the Active Directory query event:

Click Configuration.
Select Agent in the Configuration task list to display the Agent Configuration page.
Click Configurations.
Once you have set these settings, click OK to save your selections, close the dialog and return to the Agent Configuration page.
On the Agent Configuration page, select the agents assigned to the selected agent configuration and click Refresh Configuration to ensure the agent are using the latest configuration.


Active Directory Query Searches/Reports


You can search, report and alert on LDAP-enabled applications and how they use Active Directory.

Run AD Query reports

Running the All AD Query Events report will retrieve all the AD Query events captured for Active Directory® containers being audited.

In the explorer view (left pane), expand the Shared | Built-in | All Events folder.
Locate and double-click All AD Query Events in the right pane.

In addition to the All AD Query Events report, Change Auditor for Active Directory Queries ships with some additional Active Directory Query reports, which are located in the AD Query folder in the explorer view.

In the explorer view, expand the Shared | Built-in | AD Query folder.
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