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Benchmark Factory for Database 7.6 - User Guide

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Import SQL Files

Benchmark Factory allows you to import SQL files exported from other Quest Software products. When the Load Scenario Wizard completes, transactions containing the exported SQL will be created.  This gives you the ability to import SQL transactions, identified by Quest Software products, for further testing a under a load.

To import from SQL files

  1. Select Wizards |Load Scenario.


         Click New. The Load Scenario Wizard displays.

  1. Click Next. The Define load scenario dialog displays.
  2. Click Import from SQL files.
  3. Click Next. The SQL Tuning File Input dialog displays.
  4. Click Browse.
  5. Navigate to the desired tuning file.
  6. Click Open.
  7. Click Next. The Measurement Intervals dialog displays.
  8. Select the desired user load.
  9. Click Next. The Enter Script dialog displays and provides the following options:
  • Create a new Benchmark Factory Script file-Selecting this option allows you to create and save a completely new script.
  • Add to existing Benchmark Factory Script file-Selecting this option allows you to add the load scenario you are building to the current script file you are working with.
  1. Select the desired option.
  2. Click Next. The wizard completion dialog displays.
  3. If the Do you want the job to be automatically submitted to the jobs queue? checkbox displays, then checking this will cause the Submit Job dialog to display when this wizard completes.
  4. Click Finish. The workload creates and displays in the Script View.




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