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Benchmark Factory for Database 7.6 - User Guide

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General Settings

Use the General tab of the Settings dialog to specify workplace settings. In addition, you can define the location for error logs and scripts.

To specify General settings

  1. Select Edit | Settings (F8). The Settings dialog opens.
  2. Select General. Review the following for additional information:

    Group Description


    The default location used when saving scripts. These files usually reside on a local drive, but may reside on a network file server.

    Error Logs

    Location of error log files.

    Data Files

    Location of data files.

    Result Logs

    Location of result log files.
    Retrieval Options Limit the number of rows retrieved when executing custom SQL transactions—Allows you to limit the number of rows retrieved during SQL transaction execution.
    Logs Cleanup

    Purge Error and Result log directories of files older than N days—Specify the maximum number of days to retain log files. Files older than the time specified are deleted from the Error Logs and Result Logs directories when you click OK or Apply.

    Default = 180

    Purge Now—Click to immediately delete log files older than the time specified.

    Note: .dmp files are not deleted.

    TCP/IP Settings

    Console TCP/IP Port—Specify a port for the Benchmark Factory console if different than the default. The default setting is port 4568.

    Note: Restart Benchmark Factory to apply changes.

  3. Click Apply to apply changes.

    Note: You may need to restart Benchmark Factory to fully implement any changes to directories.

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