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Benchmark Factory for Database 7.6 - User Guide

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About the Replication Benchmark Test

The Replication benchmark test is a unique test developed by Benchmark Factory for testing replication in applications such as SharePlex.

This test allows you to create customized database objects, as well as a customized workload, in order to produce a repeatable database change rate and history (for example, Oracle redo logs) that can be used to test replication strategies. This test can also be used to create a model of your database and workload in order to help demonstrate replication performance.

While this benchmark was designed for testing and evaluating replication strategies and functionality in SharePlex, it can also be used to test other database replication products as well.

The following options can be customized in the Replication benchmark test:

  • The number of tables in the test
  • The number of columns per table and the column types (data types)
  • The percentage of each column type (data type) in all tables, for example, 40% INT, 20% VARCHAR(255), etc.
  • The percentage of each statement type (insert, update, delete), as well as the number of statements per commit (transaction)

See Create a Replication Benchmark Test to learn how to create a new Replication test.


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