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Benchmark Factory for Database 7.6.1 - User Guide

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The Timing page of the Settings dialog specifies timing phases associated with an item.

Note: If you modify the default settings in the Settings dialog, the changes apply to new jobs only, not to existing jobs.





Time Phase

Total Iteration Length

The composite of the Pre-Sampling and Sampling time.



The length of time users execute transactions in order to reach a steady state before statistics are collected.



The length of time used to collect statistics while the users are executing transactions.

User Startup

Start all users as quickly as possible

Starts all users immediately after a test begins.


Start all users at even intervals for

Sets the amount of time in which to start all users at even intervals. The interval duration is equal to this value divided by the number of users.


Start a new user every [n] seconds

Starts a new user, then waits the entered number of seconds before starting the next user.

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