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Archive Manager for Exchange 8.9 - ArchiveWeb Guide

Export Tasks IIS Settings Suggestions

Export tasks such as "Export to ZIP" or "Export to PST" can be very resource consuming and can cause some issues, especially time-outs. To minimize these problems, try configuring the following settings:


Process Model - Idle Time-Out

Modify the Idle Time-Out setting for AWAppPool7, FilePAMAppPool and/or EPAMAppPool4 application pools in the IIS.

For example: Go to IIS -> Server Name -> Application Pools -> AWAppPool7 and click Advanced settings. Set the value to zero.




Web Sites - Session Time-Out

Export task can run several minutes or hours. When the task is running a session time-out can occur. This will cause the failure of the task operation.

To prevent this from happening, modify the Time-out setting for ArchiveWeb, ExchangePAMWS and/or FilePAMWebService web sites in the IIS to large enough number.

For example: Go to IIS -> Server Name -> Sites -> Default Web Site -> ArchiveWeb click on Session State



Please note: for ArchiveWeb web application – make sure the “sessionState” setting in web.config is synchronized with IIS’ cookie time-out. Application session time-out will expire when the IIS’ cookie time-out value is reached therefore for correct ArchiveWeb functionality the “sessionState” in web.config should be set to same or lower value.



This section offers solutions to most common problems users can encounter in relation to new ArchiveWeb.

IIS Error 403 Forbidden

When this error occurs after installing/updating the ArchiveWeb application it is necessary to run the following commands from the command line to re-register the .NET Framework:

c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\aspnet_regiis.exe –iru






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