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Active Administrator 8.6 - Web Console User Guide

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Active Directory Topology Reports Network Operations Center

Viewing alerts

Every 300 seconds, the topology diagram is updated to get server alert status from the Active Administrator foundation server (AFS). The node for each domain controller displays in a color to indicate its status.

When replication latency alerts are detected, the color of the link between domain controller nodes indicates the status.

Click Show alerts in the tool bar.
NOTE: If Show alerts is not selected, clicking Refresh also displays the list of alerts.
The list of alerts displays below the diagram in the Alert Summary area. The alert severity, alert name, source, domain, and the alert start time display.
Type the domain controller in the Search alerts box. Only the alerts for that domain controller display.
Click the alert link in the Alert column to view the alert description.
Click Alert details in the Alert description box to view details about the alert.

Customizing the topology layout

You can change the forest topology layout by dragging the domain controller and site objects on the topology diagram. If you chose to save the layout, the layout is associated with the forest in the cache and loads the next time you run the topology on that forest. Each user can create their own layout that is associated with their user account.

Click Edit layout in the tool bar.
NOTE: While you are editing the diagram, the Show alerts check box is cleared and the alerts list is hidden.
NOTE: If the forest topology diagram exceeds the design area, click Zoom to fit the diagram within the design pane.

Ctrl +

Zoom in

Ctrl -

Zoom out

Ctrl + mouse wheel

Zoom diagram in or out

Shift + mouse wheel

Move the diagram horizontally

NOTE: If you previously saved the layout and want to clear the changes you make to the layout, click Undo Layout to return the diagram to the last saved layout. If you have not saved the layout and want to return the diagram to the original state, open the Discover Forest tab and run the discovery again.
Click Save Layout.




Running reports

Several reports are available to help you manage your organization. Once you run a new report, the report remains open until you run another report. You can refresh the parameters and run the report again. You also can rerun an existing report from the History tab.

Click Report.
NOTE: If you select Server Configuration, the report automatically displays. You do not select any parameters for this report.
To filter the list of reports, start typing in the Search report box. The list of reports changes as you type.
On the Parameters tab, enter the parameters for the report.
NOTE: Start typing in the Domain Name box, and a list of domains will filter and display. Select from the list of domains, and click to load the list of target domain controllers or click to add the domain to the list.
Click Run.
Open the History tab.
The Reports tab displays the report.
The report remains open in the Reports tab until you run another report of this type. To redisplay the report with fresh data, click Refresh.
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