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Foglight for Hyper-V 5.8 - Installation Guide

Installing and configuring Foglight for Hyper-V

Foglight for Hyper-V monitors the health of your virtual system by tracking resource consumption such as CPU, network, and memory consumption for individual servers and virtual machines in your integrated environment. This contains information about the system requirements and takes you through the installation procedure, step by step.

IMPORTANT: See the Foglight for Hyper-V Release Notes for important additional information about this version of the cartridge.

Requirements and compatibility

The following components are required to successfully integrate Foglight for Hyper-V into Foglight for Hyper-V.

Foglight for Hyper-V Management Server

The cartridge can be used on a Foglight for Hyper-V™ platform to gain in-depth insight into the health of the virtual machine, the server, and the virtual environment as a whole.

Before installing the cartridge, ensure that your Foglight Management Server is properly installed and configured. For information on how to install and configure the Foglight Management Server, please refer to the Installation and Setup Guide set and the Administration and Configuration Help.

Foglight for Hyper-V Agent Manager

The Agent Manager component collects data from monitored hosts and sends it to the Management Server. Foglight for Hyper-V monitors host machines remotely using the WinRM or WMI service. For that reason, the Agent Manager does not need to be installed on each individual host that you want to monitor. The Management Server includes an embedded Agent Manager instance that starts and stops with the server.

One Agent Manager installation per Management Server is often enough, unless additional installations are required to balance the collection load onto other machines. The cartridge is compatible with the Agent Manager version 5.8.1 or later.

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