Download Dell iDRAC Service Module 2.5.1 (For Windows)

iDRAC Service Module is a lightweight piece of software that runs on the Server and complements iDRAC with monitoring information from the OS. Installing the iDRAC Service Module is optional, though highly recommended. The Service Module does not expose any new interfaces of its own, rather it complements iDRAC with additional data that users can work with using iDRAC consoles such as the GUI, RACADM and WSMAN. Features monitored by the Service Module can individually be enabled/disabled to achieve a fine level of control in terms of resources consumed on the Server OS, and the unique integration needs of a customer environment

Version: Version 2.5.1, A00
Release date:15 Jun 2017
File Format:Application.

Download the webpack

Extract the contents to a folder
Browse to iSM\windows folder and double click the iDRACSvcMod.msi

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