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vRanger 7.8 - Integration Guide for DR Series Disk Backup Appliance

Getting started

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vRanger integration quick start for Quest® DR Series

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Getting started > vRanger integration quick start for Quest® DR Series

Confirm integration requirements: Before starting the integration, confirm that you are using supported versions of vRanger and the DR Series software. For more information, see Product requirements for integration.
Install and configure the DR Series: To install your DR Series and integrate with vRanger, perform the following operations:
Install the DR Series hardware: Assemble the rails, and install and connect the DR Series to your infrastructure.
Log in and initialize the DR Series: Log in to the DR Series system CLI by using a local console keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) connection or an iDRAC connection. Configure your system network settings using the Initial System Configuration Wizard.
Configure network settings: Ensure that you have an active network connection and a fully configured IP address.
Register and configure your DR Series: Log in to the web interface and complete the registration process and Initial System Configuration Wizard, which includes password administration, Active Directory connection, and additional network configuration.
Create a storage container: Containers function like a shared file system, which can be assigned a connection type of None (to be defined later), NFS/CIFS, or RDA (includes Rapid Data Storage [RDS] clients). Containers can then be accessed using Network File System (NFS), Common Internet File System (CIFS), or RDA.
Install vRanger: Using the vRanger installer, install vRanger on a machine meeting the vRanger system requirements. For a high-level overview of the vRanger installation process, see Installing vRanger. For more information, see the Quest vRanger Installation/Upgrade Guide.
Create a Quest RDA repository: After vRanger is installed, add the DR Series to vRanger as a Quest RDA repository. Any backup written to this repository is deduplicated according to your DR Series configuration.

Product requirements for integration

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Product overviews

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Getting started > Product overviews

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