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vRanger 7.8 - Integration Guide for DR Series Disk Backup Appliance

What is vRanger?

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Getting started > Product overviews > What is vRanger?

vRanger is the leading VMware® data protection solution that also backs up and recovers Windows® physical servers and files with blazing speed and minimal storage requirements. With vRanger, you get comprehensive protection for both virtual and physical environments that you can manage from one intuitive interface.
Every VMware® ESXi™ host for which vRanger is expected to provide protection must be properly licensed, both by VMware and in the vRanger Host Licensing tab.

Quest DR Series overview

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Getting started > Product overviews > Quest DR Series overview

Understanding the Quest DR Series

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Available DR Series configurations

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Understanding the Quest DR Series > Available DR Series configurations

Software: The system software supports record linkage and context-based lossless data compression methods.
Hardware/VM: Following are the hardware and virtual appliance (VA) types that support the DR Series:
DR2000v system: A VM template in various capacities for VMware® ESXi™ and Hyper-V® that can be deployed on our existing VM infrastructure.
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