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On Demand Global Settings Current - User Guide

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Needs your attention!

The Needs your attention! tile displays a summary of alerts and cautions from all of the modules you are currenlty subscribed to. It also displays information on the status of your subscription or trial if it is close to expiry.

Module tiles

If you have a subscription to a module, the module tile displays status information for your tenant.


Activity trail

An activity trail is a set of records that provide documentary evidence of the sequence of activities that have affected a specific operation, procedure, or event at any time. The recorded information includes date and time, actor, a description and customized fields of the event. On Demand retains the complete activity trail history for an organization.

The following activity trail logs are available:

Global Settings: Records the information for:

Recovery: Records information about backup enable and disable events.

Migration: Records information about migration process events.

Group Management: Records information about group management and user activity events.

You can filter for the events that you want to see using the FILTERS option. You can also use the EDIT COLUMNS option to add and remove columns. When you are displaying the activities that you want, you can export the results to a .csv file.

In the Activity Trail tab, click FILTERS to expand and specify your filter criteria.
To customize the displayed columns, click EDIT COLUMNS, select or clear the columns, and click SELECT.

Once you are displaying the activity trail information that you want, you can click EXPORT TO .CSV to download the information in a .csv (comma separated value) format file.

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