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MessageStats 7.8.1 - Administrator Guide

What is MessageStats? MessageStats Information Sources Using the Console Interface Creating a Connection to Exchange Creating Gathering Tasks Default Gatherings Extending Gathering Tasks Configuring Audits Setting MessageStats Server Properties Setting Configuration Properties Setting Exchange Organization Properties Setting Exchange Server Properties Setting Task Execution Server Properties Setting Task Default Properties Compressing Tracking Log Files Using the MessageStats Reports Console Database Management Appendix A:Microsoft ASP.NET Configuration Issues Appendix B: Gathering Task Dependencies Appendix C:Troubleshooting Permission Problems

Reviewing and Saving Task Activity Logs

From the Task Activity view in the right pane, you can review the logs for active, pending, or completed tasks.

Click View Log.
If you want to save the task log as a compressed file, click Save Log File as As Zip and select the location where you want to save the file.

For troubleshooting purposes, you might want to save multiple task log files to a compressed format so that you can send the files to a support person.

Click Save Task Logs.

Status Icons

The Task Activity listview provides status icons as visual cues to the success or failure of the gatherings.

This icon indicates that the task activity has not started yet. This icon is displayed when the status is Pending or Pending Retry.

This icon indicates that the task activity is currently active.

This icon indicates that the task activity has finished.

This icon indicates that the task completed with errors.

This icon indicates that the task activity failed.

This icon indicates that the task activity status is unknown.

Where to Go from Here

First you create a connection to the Exchange environment from which you are gathering data. For more information, see Connecting to an Exchange Organization .

After you have connected to the Exchange servers from which you want to collect information, you create gathering tasks to collect the information.

To create Default Gathering tasks, see Exchange Default Gathering Task Template Details .

To create other gathering tasks, see Beyond the Default Gathering .

For details about setting parameters for an Exchange organization, such as setting up mailbox audits, identifying SMTP namespaces and IP addresses that should be reported as internal, and specifying delivery time thresholds, see Setting Properties for a Specific Exchange Organization .

For details about setting parameters for a specific Exchange server, such as assigning server roles, setting thresholds for reports, and identifying mailbox database locations, see Setting Properties for an Exchange Server .

Creating a Connection to Exchange

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