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MessageStats 7.8.1 - Administrator Guide

What is MessageStats? MessageStats Information Sources Using the Console Interface Creating a Connection to Exchange Creating Gathering Tasks Default Gatherings Extending Gathering Tasks Configuring Audits Setting MessageStats Server Properties Setting Configuration Properties Setting Exchange Organization Properties Setting Exchange Server Properties Setting Task Execution Server Properties Setting Task Default Properties Compressing Tracking Log Files Using the MessageStats Reports Console Database Management Appendix A:Microsoft ASP.NET Configuration Issues Appendix B: Gathering Task Dependencies Appendix C:Troubleshooting Permission Problems

Enabling Task Logging

MessageStats creates log entries during several processes. You can use the Task Logging tab to set up logging at the task level. For information about setting logging at the scheduler service level, see Configuring Service Logging .

Enable logging for the given Task Processor

Select this option to enable logging for this gathering task and you can identify the detail level of the task logs.

Log detail level

Set the level of detail that should be included in the log files. For information about the different levels of details, see About Logging Levels .

Record errors in the Windows Application Event Log

Select this option and MessageStats also records errors in Windows Application Event logs.

Setting Task Retry Attempts

The Task Retry property tab lets you specify the number of times you want MessageStats to try to connect to a server to run a task. It also lets you specify the number of minutes between each connection attempt.

If MessageStats cannot access a server to perform a task, it will continue to attempt to run the task based on the retry parameters you specified.

Number of time to retry connection

Default value is three times.

Number of minutes between retry attempts

Default value is one minute.

Setting Financial Chargeback Amounts

MessageStats facilitates the calculation of messaging traffic and storage chargeback costs. Chargeback amounts are the data and resource costs that are incurred by an organization. The amounts are distributed back to the departments or teams that incurred the expenses.

MessageStats does not have default chargeback amounts configured. If you want to use the financial chargeback feature, you must manually configure your chargeback amounts using the Financials tab. For more information, see Defining Financial Chargeback .

Setting Delivery Time Thresholds

The Delivery Time Threshold property tab allows you to include hidden mailboxes in reports and to set a delivery time threshold for messages.

Allow hidden mailboxes in Mailbox Reports

Select this check box to include hidden mailbox data in the Mailbox Sizes, Mailbox Quotas, Mailbox Size Distribution, and Inventory reports.

The information is gathered regardless of the setting. However, the information is included in the reports only if the check box is selected.

Threshold value for delivery time in Exchange organization (in seconds)

Set the number of seconds you want to use as the threshold parameter for message delivery times. If you do not set a number, MessageStats sets a default of five seconds.

The Average Delivery Time reports present the number and volume of messages that are under or over this threshold and the threshold is displayed on the appropriate threshold report graphs.

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