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MessageStats 7.8.1 - Administrator Guide

What is MessageStats? MessageStats Information Sources Using the Console Interface Creating a Connection to Exchange Creating Gathering Tasks Default Gatherings Extending Gathering Tasks Configuring Audits Setting MessageStats Server Properties Setting Configuration Properties Setting Exchange Organization Properties Setting Exchange Server Properties Setting Task Execution Server Properties Setting Task Default Properties Compressing Tracking Log Files Using the MessageStats Reports Console Database Management Appendix A:Microsoft ASP.NET Configuration Issues Appendix B: Gathering Task Dependencies Appendix C:Troubleshooting Permission Problems

Appendix C:Troubleshooting Permission Problems

Throughout MessageStats, there are several locations in which you can specify the security context for the MessageStats scheduler service and for gathering tasks. To allow task gatherings to run in their own process, MessageStats requires that the full user name and password be provided and saved.

When the password for an account that is used in MessageStats is changed, it affects how MessageStats performs. You can also see these issues if an account that is used in MessageStats is disabled or is no longer available.

There are two main areas of MessageStats in which security credential information, along with passwords, is saved. The areas are as follows:

If a password is changed, there are different security credentials that you must update for each area to ensure that MessageStats operates correctly.

What are the Symptoms of a Permissions Problem?

This section explains the symptoms that occur if an account is invalid because it does not exist or is disabled or for which the password has expired. Details are provided about how to diagnose if one of the accounts is not valid.

The credentials for the MessageStats Scheduler Service are not widely used so it can be difficult to diagnose if the account password is suddenly invalid. One of the following symptoms can indicate a problem with the account used by the scheduler service:

For the MessageStats tasks, an indicator can be that some (or possibly all) tasks immediately fail when they are run. If the task credential information for a task is incorrect, any execution of that task continually fails. Error details are provided in the task log.

If you view the log and see the following error text, the problem is that the credentials for the task are invalid and must be corrected:

In this case, you would correct the credentials that are specified for the task. For more information, see Updating Default Credentials for Tasks .

Another symptom might be that task occurrences do not appear in the Task Status view in MessageStats console.The task never appears to be running. Even if you force the task to run using the Run Now command, the task does not appear to start.

Usually the root cause is a DCOM problem. Before a task can perform the gathering work, the task job is created using the specified account. If task creation fails, the task does not appear in the task view. You must correct the credentials used by DCOM for the tasks to execute correctly. For more information, see Updating the Task Processor DCOM Credentials .

Updating Scheduler Service Permissions

For the MessageStats Scheduler Service, there are two locations in which credential information is stored. You can update the account information using two different methods:

Updating the Scheduler Service Security Context

The first location is in the Windows Service Control Manager (SCM). This is the location in which all Windows Services are defined, along with the security context under which the service runs. You can access the SCM in different ways. The simplest way is to select Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services.

In the list of Windows services, select the Quest MessageStats Scheduler Service.
Click the Log On tab and update the password.
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