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Download Toad DevOps Toolkit 1.2 Installer 32-bit


Upgrade Caution:
If working with an old license key (i.e. used in version 1.1 and older) a new license key is needed before upgrading to version 1.2. Please contact your original sales account representative directly, or contact sales, and request a new key for Toad DevOps Toolkit 1.2.

Toad DevOps Toolkit exposes key Toad for Oracle functionality as programmable objects that can be called from DevOps scripts such as PowerShell or Visual Basic. This enables you to include database-development steps into your Continuous Integration model through tools such as Jenkins or Bamboo.

Toad DevOps Toolkit is standalone and independent from Toad for Oracle. The only requirement is that a Code Tester for Oracle repository is installed on the same system as Toad DevOps Toolkit. For version requirements, see the System Requirements. This installer supports 32-bit Oracle clients. Please refer to the Release Notes and Installation Guide for further information.