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How to utilize real time RSS feeds to stay updated on Quest Information Management products

An RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) feed is an efficient way for a Website to immediately share published content directly to subscribers. The Quest product RSS feeds allow subscribed customers to receive up to the minute notifications for:

Quest’s RSS feeds are free and can be viewed in two ways, via the Quest Support Portal or by subscribing using an RSS aggregator such as Outlook, a RSS reader browser extension for your preferred browser, or one of the other many free RSS tools available online.

To get started, visit the Product Page of your choice on the Quest Support Portal and select “RSS Feed” under the “Self Service Tools” options.

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On “RSS Feed / What's New” page you will be able to view past and present notifications and are able to filter the displayed notifications by Month and Category. Additionally, you will see an option to “Subscribe to the RSS” feed.

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Clicking the “Subscribe to the RSS” link will bring you to the XML required by all RSS aggregators to read and display the RSS feed. If you have a browser with a built in RSS reader or an RSS reader browser extension you will be prompted to subscribe.


If you are using an external or Web Based aggregator, simply copy and paste the URL for this XML into your aggregator.

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For example, in Outlook, under the Mail Navigation Pane, right click “RSS Subscriptions” followed by “Add a “New RSS Feed”. Then simply paste the URL into the dialog and click “Add”.

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The RSS notifications will now be displayed in Outlook in real time as they are published to the Support Portal.

For more information on using Outlook please visit the Microsoft Knowledgebase.

For all other web browsers or aggregators please review the specific instructions for your browser, add-on or product regarding the addition of new RSS feeds.

For quick addition to your RSS aggregator, the RSS feed link for each available Quest Information Management Products can be found in the table below:

Product Name

RSS Feed link to copy


Foglight for Databases

Foglight for Storage Management

LiteSpeed for SQL Server


SharePlex Manager

Spotlight Cloud

Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise

SQL Navigator for Oracle


Toad Business Intelligence Suite

Toad Data Modeler

Toad Data Point

Toad Decision Point

Toad DevOps Toolkit

Toad Edge

Toad for DB2

Toad for Oracle

Toad for SAP Solutions

Toad for SQL Server

Toad Intelligence Central

Space Manager with LiveReorg
Toad for Oracle Subscription
erwin Evolve
erwin Data Intelligence Suite
erwin Data Modeler
erwin Data Transformation
erwin Enterprise Architect Agile
erwin Sequence
Foglight Evolve
Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise Edition
ApexSQL Audit
ApexSQL Manage
ApexSQL Mask
ApexSQL Defrag
ApexSQL Job
ApexSQL Log
ApexSQL Recover
ApexSQL Analyze
ApexSQL Complete
ApexSQL Decrypt
ApexSQL Propagate
ApexSQL Refactor
ApexSQL Script
ApexSQL Search
ApexSQL Compare
ApexSQL Data Diff
ApexSQL Diff
ApexSQL Build
ApexSQL DevOps toolkit
ApexSQL Enforce
ApexSQL Generate
ApexSQL Pump
ApexSQL Script
ApexSQL Source Control
ApexSQL Unit Test
ApexSQL Doc
ApexSQL Database Power Tools for VS Code
ApexSQL Data Diff for MySQL
ApexSQL Diff for MySQL
ApexSQL Doc for MySQL