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InTrust 11.6 - Connector for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager User Guide


Release Notes

November 2023


This readme provides information about the Quest® InTrust® release.



Welcome to Quest InTrust Connector for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager

Quest® InTrust® Connector for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (Operations Manager) helps establish a single, comprehensive workflow for managing your Windows-based network.

With InTrust Connector for Operations Manager you can integrate the InTrust capabilities of tracking the business-critical security events into the existing enterprise-wide system of network operations management.

The product consists of the following components:

  • InTrust Connector for Operations Manager—a bridge forwarding alerts from InTrust to Operations Manager. It optionally can forward updates to the alerts from Operations Manager back to InTrust.
  • InTrust Connector Management Pack—required for InTrust Connector's operation.

Known Issues

The following is a list of issues known to exist at the time of Quest InTrust Connector for MS SCOM release.

Table 1: Setup known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
To install InTrust Connector for Operations Manager on a Windows Server 2008 machine, you need either disable UAC for the time of installation or use the elevated command prompt to run the installation package. ST58764
If InTrust Server and InTrust Connector for Operations Manager machines are in different time zones, all updates in alerts synchronized from Operations manager to InTrust will be timestamped in the local time of the Connector machine, and not that of the InTrust Server machine. Time difference between these two machines should be considered when you view and manage alerts in InTrust Monitoring Console. ST58799
Operations Manager console may crash when you view the properties of an InTrust-originated alert with its Alert State displayed in the Properties dialog as an empty value. For example, this may happen to alerts that have the Acknowledged status on the InTrust side, after you switch the Connector to another Operations Manager server that does not have a pre-configured alert state matching this status. ST58946, ST59082

System Requirements

Before installing this software ensure that your system meets the following minimum hardware and software requirements:

  • Remote or local deployment of Microsoft System Center Operations Manager: any version up to and including SCOM 1807, which is current at the time of this InTrust release
  • Quest InTrust Server 11.6.0 (remote or local)
  • Microsoft Data Access Components 2.7 or later
  • One of the following must be installed on the computer where InTrust Connector will be deployed:
    • Management Server component of Operations Manager
    • User Interfaces component of Operations Manager
    • Operations Manager Authoring Console
  • Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.0.6538.0 or later (version 11.0.6538.0 redistributable package of the client is included in the InTrust distribution)


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