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Foglight Resource Optimizer 7.1.0 - User Guide (for Hyper-V Environments)

Get started with Foglight Resource Optimizer

This guide provides instructions and information about using Foglight® Resource Optimizer to optimize CPU, memory, and network consumption, and project storage requirements in virtualized environments. This guide is intended for IT managers who want to monitor and optimize virtualized environments by using the waste-finding and right-sizing functionality that this product provides.

Virtual machines (VMs) are quickly becoming the industry standard in IT infrastructures. IT managers find themselves with hundreds, if not thousands of VMs or physical machine hosts in their infrastructures. VMs can be added quickly, making it necessary to plan for the addition of virtual machines to the physical machines that host them. This situation can be a challenge for administrators. IT managers lack the required tools to accurately optimize CPU, memory, and network consumption, or project storage requirements. Monitoring virtual machine environments with Foglight Resource Optimizer simplifies the optimization process, providing waste-finding and right-sizing functionality for virtualized environments.

This section introduces you to Foglight Resource Optimizer environment, and provides you with essential foundational information.

For detailed information about Foglight for VMware and how it monitors VMware® virtual environments, see the Foglight for VMware User and Reference Guide.

For more information, review the following topics:

Installation requirements

Foglight Resource Optimizer comes installed on Foglight Evolve and can be installed on a Foglight Management Server.

For more information about installing Foglight Resource Optimizer, and for details about system requirements and version compatibility, see the Foglight Resource Optimizer Release Notes.

Configuring a service account for VMware Performance Agent

Follow this procedure if your environment includes a Foglight Resource Optimizer. For environments that do not include this cartridge, refer to the “Enabling VMware Performance Agents to collect data from a Virtual Center” in the Foglight for VMware Installation Guide.

Create a Role

Click on the Add Roll button.
In the Add Role dialog box, in the Enter Name box, type the name of the role you want to add.
Expand the Datastore node and select Browse Datastores.
Expand the Performance node and select Modify intervals.
Expand the Sessions node and select View and Terminate Sessions.
Click OK to close the Add Role dialog.
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