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Foglight for Oracle (Cartridge) 7.1.0 - User Guide

Installing and Configuring Agents Using Foglight for Oracle
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Administering Foglight for Oracle Reporting Reference Glossary

Performance Tree

The performance tree provides iterative (up to three levels) access to any of the key dimensions associated with Oracle database activity, based on the OLAP multidimensional model and an instance view of the instance activity. Domain nodes offer a hierarchical view of all types of Oracle activity characteristics.

Selecting a dimension from the tree determines what subset of activity is displayed. Iterative drill-down into domains of interest provides increasingly refined focus and diagnosis.

Select Machines under the selected SQL Statement, to view the computers on which the statement was run.

In a similar manner, such iterative drilldowns can be carried out into any Oracle dimension of interest, to gain a complete understanding of the causes of its behavior.

The default Oracle dimensions are as follows:

Viewing Historical Metrics

The History section view is divided into two sections that are correlated to each other:

Selecting each dimension in the performance tree together with a specific resource effects the data displayed for each Level.

Blocking History

The Lock Analysis displays all locks that took place within the selected time range.

The lock analysis feature is integrated as part of the performance tree and it displays all the lock trees including further details for both the blocker and the blocked session including:

Activity Highlights

The Activity Highlights are provided for fast performance analysis and allow users focus on the most significant dimensions that are relevant for the resource selected in the selected time range.

This pane comprises the following elements:

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