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Foglight for Exchange 7.1.0 - Foglight for Office 365 User Guide

Getting started with Foglight for Office 365 Administering monitoring agents and collected data Monitoring your environment Foglight for Office 365 views

Getting started with Foglight for Office 365

Microsoft® Exchange Online (SaaS) offers many different reports that can help you determine the overall status and health of your organization. It also offers tools to help Exchange Online administrators troubleshoot specific events (such as a message not arriving to its intended recipients), and audit reports to aid with compliance requirements.

Foglight™ for Office 365™ is designed to show performance and availability metrics provided by Microsoft® Exchange online (SaaS). This information is presented in the Office 365 Environment dashboard.

This guide is designed to familiarize you with the key features of Foglight for Office 365. It describes the dashboards and views included with Foglight for Office 365, and provides information about administering the Foglight for Office 365 and the ADFS (Active Directory® Federation Services) agents.

This section introduces the Foglight for Office 365 environment and provides essential foundational information.

For more information, review the following topics:

Installation requirements

Foglight for Office 365 is part of the Foglight for Exchange release package, and is automatically installed when deploying the Foglight for Exchange agent package.

For information about system requirements, version compatibility, and installation instructions, see the Foglight for Exchange Release Notes.

Data collection

Before starting using Foglight for Office 365 to collect data, ensure you have an administrative account with Microsoft® Office 365. For example, go to this web page to create an Office 365 Business Premium Trial account:

The Office 365 Environment dashboard automatically displays the Microsoft® Exchange Online (SaaS) virtual machine hosts that Foglight for Office 365 monitors.

Dashboard location

On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click the Office 365 > Office 365 Environment.
Administration. Allows you to perform administrative tasks. For details, see Administering monitoring agents and collected data.
Monitoring. Displays a summary of the Exchange Online services being monitored and their current state. For details, see Monitoring your environment.


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