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Foglight for DB2 (Cartridge) 7.2.0 - Getting Started Guide

Windows Systems

The agent’s OS user account requires:

Monitoring with WMI:

Monitoring with WinRM:

UNIX Systems

The agent’s OS user account requires:

In addition to these general UNIX system requirements, the agent’s user account requires additional privileges depending on the operating system, as specified in the following table.

Access to the following programs: /usr/sbin/prtconf, mpstat, pagesize, psrinfo, db2ptree

setuid permissions on vmstat and iostat
setgid permissions on PS

The sudo utility allows system administrators to grant specific users (or groups of users) the ability to run certain commands that require administrative privileges as the root, without having to log in as administrator.

If you intend for an agent to run UNIX commands with sudo permissions, check the /etc/sudoers file on the monitored host for the following line and comment it out:

The programs that can be run using sudo are as follows:

Required DB2 LUW User Account Privileges

Foglight monitoring agents use DB2 LUW user accounts to access the monitored DB2 instances. Before adding monitored instances, ensure that the user accounts have at least the following privilege and permission set:

SYSMON authority (enables monitoring)
AUTH_LIST_AUTHORITIES_FOR_AUTHID permission (enables the wizard to verify and set permissions)

When you add monitored instances, the Monitor DB2 Instance wizard checks that other required permissions exist and, if not, executes a script to grant any missing permissions. For a list of the required permissions granted by this script, see Permissions .

Required DB2 LUW Monitor Switches

To monitor DB2 instances below version 9.7, ensure that the following monitored switches are turned on:

To monitor DB2 instances of version 9.7 and above, ensure that the following monitoring configuration parameters are set to base level (at least):

When you add monitored instances, the Monitor DB2 Instance wizard checks that the monitoring configuration parameters are set correctly. If not, it prompts you to set them.

The switches can be turned on or off manually by updating the database manager configuration. Enabled switches may cause additional overhead on the database manager.

For additional information, see System Monitor Switches and on IBM’s DB2 InfoCenter web site.

Or, review the information in at DB2 System Monitor Guide and Reference Redbook

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