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Foglight for Azure SQL Database (Cartridge) 7.2.1 - Release Notes

Foglight ® for Azure SQL Database

Foglight ® for Azure SQL Database
These release notes provide information about the Foglight ® for Azure SQL Database release.

Welcome to Foglight for Azure SQL Database

Foglight ® for Azure SQL Database allows database administrators (DBAs) to quickly and efficiently identify performance deviations, determine their root cause, perform comprehensive analyses, and resolve performance bottlenecks. This product provides web-enabled dashboards for centralized visibility, management and health checks for the Azure SQL Database deployed in your environment, as well as proactive alerting and alarm workflows for tracking your responses to critical performance anomalies.

Foglight for Azure SQL Database is an n-tier application, which leverages a web-based user interface to ensure having complete visibility into the Azure SQL Database infrastructure wherever an Internet connection is available.

These Release Notes cover the resolved issues, known issues, workarounds and other important information about release of Foglight for Azure SQL Database. Review all sections before starting installation.

New in this release


Known issues

General issues


PI engine didn't use new credential changed in Connection Details dashboard.

Workaround: Reactive the agent after changing the credential.


When the monitored user is not an admin, the database is DTU, and the service tier is basic, standard s0, or standard s1, User cannot see data in Blocking (Current) dashboard and there is no data in PI dashboard.


When accessing the Database dashboard, no entry to the Upgrade wizard can be found after new version cartridge has been installed.

Workaround: Upgrade agent on Agent Status dashboard.


User Level Access and Manage Alarm Blackouts are not supported for Azure SQL DB, and they are not UI limitation/notes.


Azure cannot change RMI setting in Administration.

Workaround: Refer to KB:


An error log showed in FMS log for loading heatmap component in FMS version before 5.9.3.


Cross platform report is not supported for Azure SQL DB.


Agent does not support MFA (Multi-Factor_Authentication) connections to Azure databases.


Databases - SQL PI dashboard does not display an Azure SQL database agent configured with SQL PI.


Using the Azure SQL database cartridge, a FMS is configured only with Azure SQL DB agents configured with SQL PI, the Databases - SQL PI dashboard shows "No agent found to be configured with SQL PI. To configure SQL PI go to the Databases - SQL Performance Investigator"


Azure SQL database agents with SQL PI configured are not displayed in the Databases - SQL PI dashboard.


When creating a new user account to monitor an instance, If the same account is used as PI repository login to enable PI, the process will failed showing no permission error.

Workaround: Manually grant the database user the db_owner role for the new created PI repository database.

For more information, refer to KB article 331530.


When applying an alarm template to an agent, the Inconsistent Values indication may appear. This indication can be ignored.

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