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Foglight for Automation Action Packs - Hyper-V ActionPack User Guide

Using the ActionPack for Microsoft Hyper-V

This Foglight for Microsoft Hyper-V™ ActionPack User and Reference Guide provides requirements, configuration instructions, conceptual information, and instructions on how to use the Foglight for Microsoft Hyper-V™ ActionPack to connect Foglight to Hyper-V hosts and manage virtual machines on those hosts.

This guide is intended for any user who wants to manage Hyper-V virtual machines using Foglight.

This section provides information about requirements that need to be met for the ActionPack for Microsoft Hyper-V to work properly, and about the actions included in the ActionPack.

ActionPack for Microsoft Hyper-V Requirements

Microsoft Hyper-V



Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2

You must install and enable the vFoglight Cartridge for Hyper-V 5.6.2 before you can enable the ActionPack for Microsoft Hyper-V 5.6.2.

You must install the Hyper-V agent to use this ActionPack. For more information, see the Installing the Hyper-V Management Capabilities guide.

PowerShell Requirements

Make sure powershell.exe is on the user's PATH.

Services Requirements

Ensure that the Server service and Remote Registry service are running on the workstation where the COM server resides.

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