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Change Auditor 7.4 - Web Client User Guide

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Install Change Auditor Web Client


The web client is installed on the Internet Information Services (IIS) web server which allows access to Change Auditor data using a standard or mobile browser. Similar to the Windows client, you can use the web client to run searches and reports on the data collected by Change Auditor, create custom search queries, and perform administration tasks to manage Change Auditor. In addition, you can display the search results in a timeline and create custom shared overviews which can then be shared with other users interested in viewing the selected Change Auditor data.

Deployment requirements

For a successful deployment, ensure that your environment meets the minimum system requirements. For information about system requirements, see the Change Auditor Release Notes.

Install web client

For more information about installing the default configuration of IIS, see the Microsoft website, such as:

On the IIS web server, browse to the folder where the Change Auditor package was downloaded, and run the Quest Change Auditor Web Client (x64).msi file to open the Change Auditor Web Client Setup wizard.
On the Select Installation Folder screen, click Next to use the default location. Use Browse to specify a different location, then click Next.
Click Install.
Click Finish to exit the wizard.

Once the web client is installed, you must add all the user accounts who will be using it to one of the following security groups depending on the level of access required.

Users who require access to perform all tasks but not administrative functions should be added to the ChangeAuditor Operators - <InstallationName> Group. Users added to this group can view Shared Overviews; but they will not have access to the Shared Overview Administration page.
http://<Web Server Host Name>/ChangeAuditor

http://<Web Server Host Name>:<Port>/ChangeAuditor

When the web client is started, log on by entering the user name (<Domain>\<UserName>) and password of an authorized Active Directory account.
NOTE: Selecting the Remember Me check box will retain your <Domain>\<UserName> on subsequent sessions.
Click Log In.


NOTE: Upgrading the web client
After you have upgraded the web client, you may need to reload the Change Auditor web pages from the web server (CTRL-F5 for IE, Chrome ,or Firefox) to ensure you are seeing the most up-to-date changes made to style components within the web client (for example, icons, text or images). See the documentation for your browser for further details.
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