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Change Auditor for SQL Server 7.4 - User Guide

Change Auditor for SQL Server Overview


Change Auditor for SQL Server provides database auditing to secure SQL database assets with extensive, customizable auditing and reporting for all critical SQL Server changes including broker, database, object, performance, transaction events, changes to databases and tables, plus errors and warnings. SQL auditing helps tighten enterprise-wide change and control policies by tracking user and administrator activity such as database additions and deletions, granting and removing SQL access, and so on.

To enable SQL Server auditing, you must assign templates to the Change Auditor agents which define the SQL instances and event classes to audit; SQL Data Level auditing is assigned to a single agent when a template is created.

To enable SQL Extended Events auditing (preview feature), you must define a SQL Extended Events auditing template for each target SQL Server instance to be audited by Change Auditor.

This guide has been prepared to assist you in becoming familiar with Change Auditor for SQL Server. It is intended for network administrators, consultants, analysts, and any other IT professionals using the product.

Deployment requirements

For a successful deployment, ensure that your environment meets the minimum system requirements. For information about system requirements, see the Change Auditor Release Notes. For details on installing Change Auditor, see the Change Auditor Installation Guide. For information about Change Auditor core functionality, see the Change Auditor User Guide.

Client components/features

The following table lists the client components and features that require a valid Change Auditor for SQL Server license.

NOTE: To hide unlicensed Change Auditor features from the Administration Tasks tab (including unavailable audit events throughout the client), select Action | Hide Unlicensed Components. Note that this command is only available when the Administration Tasks tab is the active page.

Administration Tasks tab

Agent Configuration page

Audit Task list:

NOTE: See SQL Server Auditing, and SQL Data Level Auditing for information about creating templates.



Search Properties

What tab

NOTE: See SQL Searches/Reports for information about using the What tab to create custom SQL search queries.

Searches page

Built-in reports:

Advanced tab/Search Results page


Alert Body Configuration dialog - Event Details tab

Variables (email tags):

NOTE: See the Change Auditor User Guide for a description of these email tags and how to configure alert email notifications.
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