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Change Auditor for Skype for Business 7.4 - User Guide

Change Auditor for Skype for Business Overview


Change Auditor for Skype for Business allows you to audit configuration and security setting changes in Microsoft Skype for Business Server, providing change notifications for Skype user setup, permissions, and application configuration from Active Directory and the Microsoft Skype for Business Server.

Specifically, Change Auditor for Skype for Business:

Deployment requirements

For a successful deployment, ensure that your environment meets the minimum system requirements. For information about system requirements, see the Change Auditor Release Notes. For details on installing Change Auditor, see the Change Auditor Installation Guide.

System Overview

Microsoft Skype for Business Server stores security settings in Active Directory. The management data such as topology, configurations, and policies is stored in the Central Management Store (CMS). CMS is implemented as a SQL database and the name of the database is XDS. Change Auditor audits Active Directory when an agent is installed on domain controllers. It audits the XDS database when the agent is installed on the SQL server hosting the CMS database and a template is created for the CMS server.

Change Auditor audits both the Active Directory and Central Management Store SQL Server XDS database to track, report, and alert on changes in a Skype for Business deployment.

The following describes the integration points and process required to audit a deployment:



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