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SQL Navigator for Oracle 8.0 - Installation Guide

Installation Notes

Installation Notes

September 2023

Software installation

Windows User

The Windows user that installs and licenses SQL Navigator® requires certain write-access privileges and therefore must be a member of either the Administrators group within Windows, or have equivalent privileges.

Installation Wizard

The Installation wizard offers the following options:

Installation Type Description

Client install/Citrix

All files are installed on the client workstation.

LAN Server install

Creates a master installation of all files on a common file server.

SQL Navigator is not configured for use on the workstation performing the installation

LAN Client install

Creates program shortcuts and registry entries referring to the LAN Server installation. Executable files are not installed locally.

Install Directory

If a previous installation of SQL Navigator 4.x or above is detected, its location will be pre-selected by default

For LAN Client installations, browse to the network resource containing the LAN Server installation.

Server side installation

Server-side configuration is not required for general operation of SQL Navigator. It is required for operation of the Explain Plan Tool. The PL/SQL Profiler and Java->PL/SQL Publisher requires server-side support, which is installed on demand.

You can invoke the Server-Side Installation Wizard from the Tools menu. The wizard requires connection as a DBA user so that the SQLNAV user can be created, as well as a number of roles. The wizard permits you to specify a password of your choice for this user. Note that the option "Base SQLNAV Repository" must be selected on at least one occasion to allow the other support features to be installed. All objects installed by the wizard are installed into the SQLNAV schema.


To install support for Explain Plan

To save SQL statements in the Explain Plan tool, a special table is required in the SQLNAV schema.

Follow these steps:

  1. Start SQL Navigator.
  2. Click Tools | Server-Side Installation Wizard.
  3. Select Install Server-Side Objects | Next.
  4. Ensure that "Base SQLNAV Repository" and "Explain Plan Support" are selected. Click Next.
  5. Enter a username (DBA user, such as SYS), password and connection. Click Connect.
  6. Choose a tablespace for the objects to be created in the SQLNAV schema. Click Next.
  7. Enter a password for the SQLNAV user. Enter it again in the confirmation box. Click Next.
  8. Perform one of the following:
    • Click Install | Next.
    • As a DBA user, run the script CRTUSER.SQL located in the install folder under the SQL Navigator installation folder (C:\Program Files\Quest Software\SQL Navigator for Oracle by default) to create the SQLNAV schema.
  9. As user SQLNAV, run the script CRTSQLTB.SQL to create the Saved SQL's table.

Server side support

The PL/SQL Profiler and Java->PL/SQL Publisher requires server-side support, which is installed on demand.


To install support for PL/SQL Profiler

The PL/SQL Profiler (Oracle 10g and above) requires server-side support provided by Oracle.

Follow these steps:

  1. Install Oracle's DBMS_PROFILER package as the SYS user.
  2. To collect statistics, grant users SELECT privilege on the following system views:





To install SQL Navigator-specific support for a single schema

  1. Start SQL Navigator.
  2. Connect to the instance containing objects you wish to profile.
  3. Use DB Navigator to select a stored program to profile.
  4. Execute. (Click Session | Execute or press F9)
  5. Progress through execution wizard, selecting "Enable Profiling" on the profiling tab.
  6. Perform one of the following:
    • When prompted to install Profiler support, click Yes.
    • Connected as user for schema containing objects you wish to profile, run the script PROF_INSTALL.SQL

TIP: You can also install a central set of tables for storage of Profiler data, however this is not recommended, as these tables may grow quite large. To install, follow the steps above to install into any schema, then (connected as that user) run the script PROF_GLOBAL_INSTALL.SQL.


To install support for Java Publisher

To publish a Java class to PL/SQL the following are required in the user's schema:

  • A Java class (com/quest/sqlnav/reflector)
  • An Oracle package (SQLN_JAVA)

These objects are installed on demand in a similar manner to the Profiler objects.

Note: To publish a Java class located in a different schema:

  • The 'publisher' user requires execute privilege on the class.
  • The public synonym must be created for that class.


Recommended configuration for PL/SQL Debugger

Oracle for Windows version10g or higher

SQL*Net 32-bit to connect to the database

Refer also to the online help for details about Oracle support for the SQL Navigator Debugger.

Recommended configuration for Oracle Web Development support

Install Oracle Web Toolkit version 2 or higher on database.

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