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Security Explorer 9.9 - Upgrade Guide

Quest® Security Explorer® 9.9

Quest® Security Explorer® 9.9

Quest® Security Explorer® 9.9 does not require that you uninstall version 5, version 6, version 7, version 8, or version 9. You can install Security Explorer 9.9 side-by-side with all of these previous versions.

For detailed information on system and permission requirements and the installation procedure, please refer to the Security Explorer 9.9 Installation Guide.



For Security Explorer® 9.9, you must have a Quest® license file (.dlv) or a Site Administrator QLL license file (*asc). Your previous licenses will not be recognized by version 9.9.

Move scheduled backup jobs

Security Explorer® version 9.x uses a different installation folder location than version 8.x, so you need to copy your scheduled backup file (BackupSavedTasks.XML) to the new installation folder after you complete the installation.

Back up your files

As with all software installations, it is recommended that you back up your files before installing the new software. The simplest way to back up your files is to navigate to the directory on the server where ® is installed. Press CTRL-A to select all files in this folder. Press CTRL-C to copy the files to the clipboard. Create a new folder and press CTRL-V to paste these files into this new backup folder.

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