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Recovery Manager for AD 10.2 - Release Notes

Release Notes

Release Notes

These release notes provide information about the Quest® Recovery Manager for Active Directory 10.2 release.

About Quest® Recovery Manager for Active Directory 10.2

Recovery Manager for Active Directory enables fast, online recovery. Comparison reports highlight what objects and attributes have been changed and deleted in Active Directory enabling efficient, focused recovery at the object or attribute level. Accurate backups and a quicker recovery enable you to reduce the time and costs associated with AD outages and reduce the impact on users throughout your organization.

Recovery Manager for Active Directory is based on patented technology.

Recovery Manager for Active Directory 10.2 is a release with new features and functionality. See New Features and Enhancements.


New Features and Enhancements

This section covers new features and enhancements in Quest® Recovery Manager for Active Directory 10.2.

What's New

Recovery Manager for Active Directory 10.2

The following new features are only available with a Recovery Manager for Active Directory Disaster Recovery Edition license. To purchase a new license please send an email to, or contact your local sales office.

Secure Storage Server

Recovery Manager for Active Directory now has the ability to harden a server and securely store backups on it for use in a disaster recovery scenario.

Microsoft® Azure Virtual Machine Creation

Recovery Manager for Active Directory now supports the creation of Microsoft® Azure resources including virtual machines during a Forest Recovery.



Enhancement ID (old) ID (new)
Recovery Manager for Active Directory 10.2
Rename system state backups to Active Directory backups RMADFE-3009 ADO-218405
Hide the "Components" tab in computer collection settings RMADFE-3042 ADO-218415
SCOM 2019 support N\A ADO-219783
Pass through Synchronize across time zones from windows task scheduler to RMAD RMADFE-952 ADO-220703
Create Logs Daily to be on by default N\A ADO-223980
Display operating system version for all backups N\A ADO-228741
Recovery Manager for Active Directory 10.1.1
Support LDAP over SSL (LDAPS) to encrypt Active Directory connection for online restore of backups. This includes full support for both agent-based and agentless online restores of Active Directory objects and a new global option to specify SSL connection (select the Use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to encrypt the connection check box in the Recovery Manager for Active Directory Settings dialog). RMADFE-823 ADO-222475
Run PowerShell scripts before and after creating a backup. This option allows you to customize your environment by running PowerShell scripts before and/or after creating a backup. Custom scripts can be launched either on the Recovery Manager for Active Directory Console machine or on the domain controller side. RMADFE-2281 ADO-218304


Resolved Issues

General Resolved Issues

Resolved Issue ID (old) ID (new)
Recovery Manager for Active Directory 10.2
Security Vulnerability - Sensitive comments embedded within client-side code sent to an end user machine RMADFE-3244 ADO-218142
Security Vulnerability - Runtime hardening (SEP, ASLR and other) RMADFE-3248 ADO-218146
Full replication fails when a DC is selected for the option 'Unpack each backup upon its creation' in the master console RMADFE-1858 ADO-218500
Storage agent settings are not applied on install N\A ADO-219910
No progress/wait indication after clicking 'OK' on the 'Add Console…' dialog N\A ADO-224321
Backup fails if the Domain Controllers OU has a AzureADKerberos computer object in it as part of Azure AD FIDO deployment N\A ADO-227903
Improve documentation with information on number of scheduled computer collections for optimal performance N\A ADO-232614
Access Violation in the ProcessRequest function and crashes service N\A ADO-232682
Remove mutual exclusion mechansim between replication process and restore process RMADFE-1575 ADO-237972
Display correct backup info and support restore for Collections with containers (not DCs) N\A ADO-240580
Retriable VSS error causes undefined behavior in Backup Agent on retry N\A ADO-241825
Modify the configuration to remove collision problems with SHA1, moved to SHA256 N\A ADO-253913
Retention policy ignores collection and consider backups of all collections N\A ADO-259645
Recovery Manager for Active Directory 10.1.1 HF1
RMAD console crashes while building comparison report. N\A ADO-240300
Recovery Manager for Active Directory 10.1.1
Agent-based online restore can result in lsass process crash. RMADFE-3233 ADO-218222
Unable to restore AD object when user provides smart card PIN and username hint. RMADFE-3132 ADO-218574
Configuring a backup schedule is disabled when creating a backup from Recover Manager for Active Directory > Create Backup. RMADFE-3260 ADO-219136
SCOM pack Get Collections call results in Access denied errors. RMADFE-3025 ADO-220574
Increasing number of scheduled tasks makes Console, Replication, and Cmdlets extremely slow. RMADFE-1837 ADO-223040
RMAD console crashed due to missing DLL Microsoft.Xaml.Behaviors.dll. N/A ADO-226682
After restore a User Object Member Of is different than in Active Directory N/A ADO-230090



-Recovery Manager for Active Directory fully supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2. It is recommended that you upgrade to TLS 1.2 for secure communications.

Security Resolved Issue ID (old) ID (new)
Recovery Manager for Active Directory 10.2
Eliminate SHA1 signing certificates and only accept SHA256 certificates. RMADFE-2896 ADO-218357
FIPS: Encrypt credentials stored in Forest Recovery project using AESCryptoServiceProvider instead of TripleDESCryptoServiceProvider. RMADFE-2199 ADO-220948


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