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QoreStor 7.0.1 - Azure Deployment Guide

QoreStor™ Tier 3

The following are the recommended VM Instances that have been been validated for Tier 3. Tier3 Edition image can scale to a maximum capacity of 360 TB.





10 TB




The steps below describe the process to deploy a QoreStor virtual machine (VM) from the Azure Marketplace. For clarity, the procedure is subdivided into the sections below:


The following procedures assume that you have a Microsoft Azure storage account and that you are familiar with Azure Marketplace and the Azure user interface. We recommend configuring private endpoint for the Azure storage account to be used for blob storage for object direct deployments. For optimal performance, the storage account and the Qorestor instance reside in the same region.

For details on configuring a storage account with a private endpoint, see

Deploying the image

In Azure Marketplace, complete the following steps.

Click Create.
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