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Migrator for Notes to Exchange 4.16.3 - Pre-Migration Planning Guide

About the Migrator for Notes to Exchange documentation Introduction Critical considerations Other strategic planning issues Appendix A: Known limitations of the migration process

Microsoft 365 issues

Migrator for Notes to Exchange cannot support a secure proxy that requires explicit authentication, although Migrator for Notes to Exchange works fine with secure proxies that rely on Windows domain trust. This limitation is caused by multiple Microsoft APIs and components that cannot be configured to supply authentication credentials to a proxy. Microsoft does not recommend connecting to Microsoft 365 via proxies that use destination-based filtering (see this Microsoft link). Migrator for Notes to Exchange should work fine with a non-domain-trust authentication proxy with exceptions added to satisfy the Microsoft requirements, since all Microsoft components will bypass proxy without authentication. But Migrator for Notes to Exchange must conform to the Microsoft requirements.
If migrating to Microsoft 365 with directory coexistence: An object that is synched to Microsoft 365 with proxyAddresses will lose the proxyAddresses upon the next sync if the UPN is changed to match the Microsoft 365 login—which disables mail routing from Domino to Exchange.
Provisioning nested groups into Microsoft 365: Microsoft's AD sync tool must be run twice to completely provision nested Notes groups (i.e., Group A contains Group B) in Microsoft 365.
Group delegates do not migrate to Microsoft 365: When migrating Notes mail-in databases to Microsoft 365 with an on-premises Active Directory, group delegates in Notes do not appear in the O365 delegations list. This appears to be a limitation of Microsoft 365.


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