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Foglight Hybrid Cloud Manager 6.0.0 - User Guide (for Azure environments)

Using Foglight Hybrid Cloud Manager for Azure Monitoring Tab Tags Tab Reports Tab Rule Configuration Tab Usage & Quotas Tab Global Services Tab Administration Tab Optimizer Tab Cost Tab Policy Management Tab

Cost - Overview

The Cost-Overview includes the following elements:

Cost Summary: Displays the Total Month-to-date cost, and cost by Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud platforms.
Cost Overview: A stacked bar chart to display the Month-to-date Expenses and Forecast by Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud platforms.
Infrastructure: Displays an Infrastructure resource table across clouds.
Top 5 Business Units by Cost: Aggregates the total cost for Business Units after users assign the AWS accounts, Azure Subscriptions, or Google Cloud Billing Accounts to a BU under Cost > Admin.
Cost Breakdown by Platforms: Displays the Month-to-date cost by Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud platforms.

Cost - Azure view

The Cost - Azure view includes the following elements:

Cost - Admin view

The Cost - Admin view includes the following:

Policy Management Tab

Policy Management enables user to start or stop their resources by schedule. Currently, only the resource type of VM is supported.

On the navigation panel, under Homes, click Cloud Manager.
The Cloud Manager dashboard opens.
Click Policy Management. The Policy Management tab opens on the bottom of Cloud Manager dashboard.
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