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Foglight for Sybase - Release Notes

Foglight ® for SAP ASE

Foglight ® for SAP ASE

Welcome to Foglight for SAP ASE

Foglight ® for SAP ASE enables Foglight to monitor SAP ASE database systems. The cartridge monitors database resource utilization for capacity planning, problem determination, and trend analysis, in both real-time and historical time.

These Release Notes cover the resolved issues, known issues, workarounds, and other important information about the release of Foglight for SAP ASE. Review all sections before starting the installation.

New in this release

Java-based cartridge

This release features a new, Java-based architecture for the Cartridge for SAP ASE. This change provides deployment enhancements for Remote Monitoring including the support for all the Operating Systems, which are supported by the Foglight Agent Manager.

Resolved issues and enhancements

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